Buttercream Secrets

A few weeks ago my friends asked me if I would show them how to make buttercream look and taste good. They said there would be fun, wine, and cupcakes. Clearly, this seemedĀ like an event I would dread attending.

After going neglected for far too long, my pastry bags, frosting tips, and sprinkles saw the light of day. My friends were equally thrilled to show them some love. So, on a lovely, cloudy, September afternoon, this is what we did:

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Baking Disasters

The summer is a busy time of year for the Winter-Hunt household. Between birthdays (3), family visitsĀ (never enough) and house projects (laundry, fences, chores…ugggggh) we’re constantly on the go.

July started off with a visit from Tristan, the latest family addition. Next up: Passion party! And finally, daily life/household duties. I don’t have a lot of photos to post. Lately I’ve been trying very hard to enjoy focusing on a moment and a memory – which funny enough, can be a little difficult with a well-focused camera in the way.

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