Gluten Free Cookies

It’s no secret I like to bake. Unfortunately, my hobby doesn’t coincide well with our Celiac-induced lifestyle modifications. As a result, my cupcake tins have gone ignored, the sprinkle collection is dusty, and the pastry bags have hardly seen the light of day. I’ve dabbled with gluten-free baking here and there, but the results have mostly been disastrous (banana bread anyone? bana-NO).

The process has been discouraging to say the least–in both taste and texture. Luckily, Graeme has a pretty trendy disease so we’ve had a number of options available to us. I think we finally found a winner though:

Cue the angelic voices singing "Hallelujah."

Cue the angelic voices singing “Hallelujah.”

So far, I’ve only used this for baking gluten free cookies and in a few recipes as an additive here and there. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s tasty. And it’s GF AF.

Seriously, it’s easy. I used this flour as a straight replacement for the poisonous wheat flour in the Toll House cookie recipe. We bought our box at a local Sprouts, but it looks like you can order Arrowhead Mills flour online too. These aren’t sponsored links. I just like to bake cookies (read: eat cookie dough) and share the love.

Do you have any gluten free baking products you recommend?


Baking Disasters

The summer is a busy time of year for the Winter-Hunt household. Between birthdays (3), family visits (never enough) and house projects (laundry, fences, chores…ugggggh) we’re constantly on the go.

July started off with a visit from Tristan, the latest family addition. Next up: Passion party! And finally, daily life/household duties. I don’t have a lot of photos to post. Lately I’ve been trying very hard to enjoy focusing on a moment and a memory – which funny enough, can be a little difficult with a well-focused camera in the way.

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