Christmas is Here! And Gone…

This won’t be a profound post. However, it will be full of sugar, glitter, and planes.

It’s been a long time since celebrating Christmas in a true, leisurely fashion, but this past year, both G and I landed gigs that allow us to take an extended period of time to just be. So here goes:

Ornaments: The Next Generation

Ornaments: The Next Generation

Christmas tricks are for kids. No, really.

It was absolutely amazing to watch 2-year-old Max get so excited over ornaments (a.k.a. jingle balls), chocolate chip cookies (a.k.a. Santa cookies), and ball pancakes (a.k.a ebelskeivers…a.k.a. Danish pancakes). It is such a delight to watch someone become so excited over the magic of Christmas. Yes, magic, you Grinch. The photo above is a picture of Graeme’s ornament when he was a baby, and now Max’s. I absolutely love how every ornament tells a story.

Christmas diabeetus.

Christmas diabeetus.

To help Max and his classmates celebrate Christmas, we made peppermint bark that included: Oreos, Andes mints, Candy Canes, M&Ms, and of course, chocolate (white and milk). When I first saw this recipe, I thought, “No way will anyone survive this conglomeration.” Then I tasted it. Then I knew. Then…the Christmas spirit re-emerged for this 32-year old cynic. Glory, glory, hallelujah…

Glitter. Oh yes, sweet glitter.

Glitter. Oh yes, sweet glitter.

To quote Ariel, “I don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things, could be bad.”

Ugly sweaters. The latest craze in parties. I bought this a while back (2010?) for $20 at a thrift store. Someone put in a lot of time, thought, and glitter into this little number. Unfortunately, a Christmas cold kept this baby in the closet until one lucky lady needed some Mucinex at the local drug store. You’re welcome, pharmacists.

The future has never been so plane...

The future has never been so plane…

We were lucky enough to have my in-laws visit for a full week and that meant celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in addition to Christmas! So we made the most of it and made a trip out to the Pima Air and Space Museum. We had visited only a few months back, but decided to return to see the rest (it’s an all day thing!) and enjoy the tram ride. Max made sure to bring his own sea plane and was in complete awe of all that surrounded him.

This is your Captain speaking. We're expecting a little diaper turbulence this afternoon.

This is your Captain speaking. We’re expecting a little diaper turbulence this afternoon.

The extra time off from work meant a little extra time to experiment with recipes. We updated family classics using coconut flour and a gluten free all-purpose baking mix. Luckily, most things worked well. Coconut flour is GREAT for thickening gravy. The all-purpose flour substitute below worked for pancakes, traditional recipes, and COOKIES! Arrowhead Mills was an easy 1:1 replacement for making G special treats (not a sponsored post, just completely enamored with the ease). I think I found my new stand-by for sensitive celiac family members…

GF Yourself

GF Yourself


Soldier down...

Soldier down…

Aside from nasty colds, snowy weather in Tucson (chyeah), and one broken ornament, this Christmas season was my favorite one yet. We were merry and bright. And full of eggnog. Sweet, sweet Christmas milk.

Welcome to 2015, everyone!

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