Atomic Hiatus

Well, it looks like our last post was March 20, 2017! Talk about a long hiatus! But we’re back and will do a better job at keeping the site up-to-date with our goings-on.

Here is a 30,000-foot view of what has happened since March 2017:

Welcome, Finn!

We had a baby in April of 2017. Oh, wait maybe THAT’s why we’ve gone completely dark for the last 18 months? YA THINK?  His name is Finnian, and he is Max’s complete equal in awesome-ness. Max is such an incredible big brother, and Finn can’t get enough of Max.


We Moved 1,500 Miles Away from Arizona!

That’s right. We are no longer Arizonians, and are now proud Pacific Northwesters. We moved to the Seattle area in November 2018 after being unable to pass up a fantastic career opportunity for Trish. I’m a part-time stay-at-home dad with Finn and part-time painter and graphic/web designer. Max is now attending Kindergarten!

We’ve seen more water in our year here than we ever did living our entire lives in Arizona. We’ll always love our native Arizona roots, but we have fallen deeply in love with the PNW. The green! THE GREEN!

The boys love exploring the woods, streams, fog, rain, actual SEASONS (like crunching through Fall leaves) and everything in between. We’ve seen orcas, eagles, waterfalls, been atop the Space Needle, picked pumpkins and wild blackberries.

There honestly is way too much to fit into an overview post, so here are a few photos from the last year.

We bought a House!

When we first moved here, we lived in temporary corporate housing for a few months, and then moved into a rental home. Thankfully the housing market here cooled off (still insane compared to Tucson!) so we jumped in and found a home in one of our favorite areas, Woodinville! (Home to the area’s wine-country – SCORE.)

This is our new “modern atomic” house project! It’s technically nowhere NEAR “atomic” but it’s our mid-70’s cottage ranch-style home and we already love it. Keep an eye out for the inevitable home-improvement updates!

That’s it for now! Thanks for your patience and we hope to be back with more Atomic Family updates soon!

As The World Turns…

Wow, it’s been quite a while since we last updated the site. We’re still chugging away on the house but our free time to tinker on the house projects has lessened.

And in other wonderful news, we’re expecting baby #2 in FOUR WEEKS! Max is having a baby brother, and we’re all excited to meet the little guy.

Expect a few new baby room blogs in the near future!

  • Graeme, Trish and Max

Max Poetic

Toddlers are clever, observant, and can typically form fairly coherent sentences. This makes for some interesting interactions.

Wax Poetic: To speak poetically.

Max Poetic: To speak Maxically.


It’s 9 p.m. and Max is still awake and fussing in his room:

Me: Max, it’s way past bedtime. What do you want?

Max: I want Christmas.

Me too kid. We sang Jingle Bells and that seemed to do the trick.


Max fears the pool vacuum and calls it a robot. Upon noticing the solar pool cover:

Max: Is that the robot blanket?


We have this incredibly obnoxious and poorly written book about a puppy looking for his ball. Of course, Max loves it and there is no way in hell we will ever be allowed to part with it. At times, I’ll quote the book to entice Max to complete a task, i.e. getting out of bed.

Me: “Time to wake up and play outside puppy!” Are you my puppy?

Max: No, I’m a dolphin.


Also upon waking, I’ll ask him how he slept and if he had any dreams. This is a typical exchange:

Me: What did you dream about last night?

Max: Coconuts.


We’ve been working on potty training with Max, so he’s been fascinated by biofunctions as of late…

Max: *Making burping noises while simultaneously playing with his pee-hole to make it open and close.*

Me: Max, please don’t play with your penis on the potty.

Max: Penis needs to burp!



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