Quick Update

I’m all about efficiency these days. More so than usual. Grad school started at the beginning of January and what was previously known as a balancing act has become an expert performance in task management acrobatics. Between our full-time work schedules, and full-time terrible twos schedule, house projects are momentarily on hiatus as we adjust to our new time constraints and attempt to somehow squeeze in sleep and day to day chores.

The house is messier. The nights are longer. Leisure time is more limited. Brain function is at capacity.

I’m definitely pregnant with an MBA. Luckily, there hasn’t been any morning sickness (aside from it being flu season).

Although this is usually the part where I promise to blog more and update on a regular basis, I am taking a sabbatical from time promises for the next 21 months. My priorities are as follows: family, work/school, eating M&Ms, burning off said M&Ms, home improvement, blogs, laundry. I really hate laundry.

All About That Brass.

Owning an older home comes with its fair share of surprises. Some good, some not so good (I’m looking at you, galvanized plumbing). Luckily, this surprise was a good one. We have an Arizona room that we’ve mostly been using as placeholder for other stuff we don’t know what to do with. We finally decided it’s time to turn it into a family space.

The room is in fairly good shape, it just needs a little elbow grease and a professional tile cleaning company. What had me stuck the most was the fireplace. It’s pretty worn and I figured the adornments needed to be kicked to the curb. I’m glad I waited because last week I gave the fireplace a second look and noticed it was just really tarnished metal. Then I thought, “Maybe a little Brasso would help?”

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