About Us

A story about Graeme, Trish, and their little spawn, Max.

After meeting in 2006, we quickly fell in love, adopted two yippy Chihuahuas, and bought our first little home together. We found a new passion for home renovation and tackled projects like a couple of HGTV stars. A few years later we married and realized our little townhouse would no longer fit our ambitious family goals.

T&G BW Kiss

Our Home

With the help of our friend Zach, we purchased a 1947 atomic ranch, mid-century home in central Tucson. We quickly found that the only thing limiting our projects and imaginations was our take-home pay.

Mid Century Modern Tucson Home in Poets Corner


Our Joy

In 2012, our favorite little human, Maxwell, was born.  We used to think bags of cement were heavy and tile was expensive until we had our little bundle of adorable. Between careers, dogs, parenthood, and everyday household duties, our lives are more boring than ever, but somehow much less dull.

Maxwell Hunt

To throw things even further through a loop, in late 2013, Graeme was diagnosed with Celiac after many years of pain and discomfort. Trish, previously known for her baking passion, now has to find new ways to incorporate old favorites into a gluten-free lifestyle.

With family hundreds to thousands of miles away, this blog is intended to keep in touch, share challenges, and highlight the truly shareable moments of creating a nuclear family.

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