Gluten Free Cookies

It’s no secret I like to bake. Unfortunately, my hobby doesn’t coincide well with our Celiac-induced lifestyle modifications. As a result, my cupcake tins have gone ignored, the sprinkle collection is dusty, and the pastry bags have hardly seen the light of day. I’ve dabbled with gluten-free baking here and there, but the results have mostly been disastrous (banana bread anyone? bana-NO).

The process has been discouraging to say the least–in both taste and texture. Luckily, Graeme has a pretty trendy disease so we’ve had a number of options available to us. I think we finally found a winner though:

Cue the angelic voices singing "Hallelujah."

Cue the angelic voices singing “Hallelujah.”

So far, I’ve only used this for baking gluten free cookies and in a few recipes as an additive here and there. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s tasty. And it’s GF AF.

Seriously, it’s easy. I used this flour as a straight replacement for the poisonous wheat flour in the Toll House cookie recipe. We bought our box at a local Sprouts, but it looks like you can order Arrowhead Mills flour online too. These aren’t sponsored links. I just like to bake cookies (read: eat cookie dough) and share the love.

Do you have any gluten free baking products you recommend?


Max Poetic

Toddlers are clever, observant, and can typically form fairly coherent sentences. This makes for some interesting interactions.

Wax Poetic: To speak poetically.

Max Poetic: To speak Maxically.


It’s 9 p.m. and Max is still awake and fussing in his room:

Me: Max, it’s way past bedtime. What do you want?

Max: I want Christmas.

Me too kid. We sang Jingle Bells and that seemed to do the trick.


Max fears the pool vacuum and calls it a robot. Upon noticing the solar pool cover:

Max: Is that the robot blanket?


We have this incredibly obnoxious and poorly written book about a puppy looking for his ball. Of course, Max loves it and there is no way in hell we will ever be allowed to part with it. At times, I’ll quote the book to entice Max to complete a task, i.e. getting out of bed.

Me: “Time to wake up and play outside puppy!” Are you my puppy?

Max: No, I’m a dolphin.


Also upon waking, I’ll ask him how he slept and if he had any dreams. This is a typical exchange:

Me: What did you dream about last night?

Max: Coconuts.


We’ve been working on potty training with Max, so he’s been fascinated by biofunctions as of late…

Max: *Making burping noises while simultaneously playing with his pee-hole to make it open and close.*

Me: Max, please don’t play with your penis on the potty.

Max: Penis needs to burp!