Painting Again

I think the last time I used a paintbrush (other than painting our house) was close to 20-years ago. Considering how much enjoyment I get from painting, I’m ashamed to admit that I let too many excuses come between myself and a blank piece of canvas.¬†From lack of room, having all my paint supplies stolen, divorce, new jobs, a new marriage, new house, a baby, etc. I always had a reason to NOT paint, and yet I always talked fondly and ‘wished’ I still could.

Finally, my amazing wife and fantastic parents decided to remove one obstacle as a Christmas present, and sent me to the art store with a check so I could get the supplies I needed. It was a wonderful surprise and gave me the kick in the butt to start painting again.¬†Back in college, my preferred medium was oil. I hadn’t ever really tried acrylics, but was leaning that direction since I didn’t want the house stinking of oil paint and thinner.

acrylic painting supplies

No more excuses!

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