DIY Modern Pool Fence

Blood, Sweat, and Gluten-Free Beers

Here in the desert Southwest, we sadly hear way too often about babies falling into pools and drowning. The mere thought of losing Max brings an immediate lump to my throat, so it wasn’t much of a decision to get a pool fence installed once he was both mobile and curious.

We had a few Must Haves:

  • Inexpensive as we could get.
  • Something that doesn’t look like it was purchased from a big-box store.
  • Fit the style of the home
  • Meet pool security standards (or as many as possible!)
  • Did I mention budget?

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All About That Brass.

Owning an older home comes with its fair share of surprises. Some good, some not so good (I’m looking at you, galvanized plumbing). Luckily, this surprise was a good one. We have an Arizona room that we’ve mostly been using as placeholder for other stuff we don’t know what to do with. We finally decided it’s time to turn it into a family space.

The room is in fairly good shape, it just needs a little elbow grease and a professional tile cleaning company. What had me stuck the most was the fireplace. It’s pretty worn and I figured the adornments needed to be kicked to the curb. I’m glad I waited because last week I gave the fireplace a second look and noticed it was just really tarnished metal. Then I thought, “Maybe a little Brasso would help?”

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DIY Post-Hole Digger

post hole digger parts

In a previous (pre-Maxwell) life, a friend of mine let me borrow a home-made post-hole digger he made out of cheap steel pipes and a garden hose adapter. I was amazed at how quickly it powered through the tough, clay-filled Tucson soil. With a new pool fence project looming, I decided to build one myself.

For less than $20 and using materials available at any home-improvement store, this DIY post-hole digger is just too easy to NOT use for those smaller jobs that don’t require a professional, gas-powered auger.

This technique will still require you to use a post-hole shovel to clean out the hole, but it’s MUCH easier than hammering into packed, rock-hard ground!

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