Don’t Put a Bird On It. Put It On a Bird.

I don’t collect a lot of jewelry. I am a very low-maintenance, no-fuss, no-muss kind of girl. However, because I have an adoring husband, I am lucky in that my collection has grown enough where I need to actually have a place to contain all of it. For the longest time I was looking for a jewelry tree and couldn’t find one anywhere. Then lo and behold, about a year ago I found one at Target (surprise, surprise). The one I chose was one of TWO they had at the time. Maybe Tucson isn’t a test market for jewelry trees? Who knows…

Anyway, I never really loved the one I chose, because:

1) It didn’t match anything else

2) Birds? Yes, they’re a decoration in Max’s room, but generally I associate them with messiness (which is appropriate for a toddler, no?)

3) Options were limited, and well, meh…

Then one day, I got a wild spray paint hair and decided to up and change the tree. Of course, now every store has dozens of jewelry tree options everywhere I look. Even CVS. Clearly, I’m a weird niche market trend setter. But I didn’t want pewter, or silver, or nickel. I wanted…brass.

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Pool Deck Done!

It’s done! And it looks great. It took a while to find our groove with patching, but by the end we had our technique down pat. The new color looks so fresh and will work well with future backyard plans.

Next up is fence installation to keep out the water loving toddler. After that, vegetation! Landscaping intimidates me, so any suggestions for lush, desert plants (oxymoron?) that really green up a space to create a micro-climate, are greatly appreciated.

We received the lumber last week for the fence and currently have it framed out. Hopefully by this weekend all will be complete. In the meantime, we’ve been making good use of the pool. It’s been over 100 degrees for who knows how long. The little backyard respite is one we greatly appreciate!

I guess we should start using the good camera for better photos...

I guess we should start using the good camera for better photos…

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